Sundance Fuels provides unmatched technical services and programs to the Houston wholesale petroleum and metal working industries.  Our expertise starts at the top with our owner.  A degreed engineer with over 20 years experience in the industry, our owner serves as director of our Technical Services Department and posses expert knowledge in all areas of preventative/predictive maintenance and the fluid programs to compliment them.   Our relationship with our major suppliers is centered around our technical services offering as well.  We encourage, and often demand, that the vast amounts of technical expertise that these organizations posses be made available to us and our customers on a continuous basis.

We offer an array of programs designed to provide the utmost protection and longevity to one of your most valuable assets; YOUR EQUIPMENT.  Whether you are just beginning your design or need on-site assistance with existing equipment we help to ensure your investments are offered maximum protection.

Fluid Analysis

We offer programs that provide complete testing and analysis for oils, fuels, coolants and metalworking fluids for numerous applications in almost any industry. We enable you to see exactly what's happening inside a piece of equipment with both the fluid and the unit. The information we discover is our most valuable commodity — a commodity that can mean the difference between profit and loss for our customers.

  • Oil Analysis
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Biodiesel Fuel Analysis
  • Coolant Analysis
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Heat Transfer Fluid Analysis
  • Specialty Testing

Ask us for details on any or all of the above programs.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel additive and synthetic lubricant technology has advanced exponetially in recent years.  Major fleet managers understand and value even the slightest potetnial in increased fuel effeciency.  It can often mean the difference between profit versus loss.  We combine our working knowledge of fleet operations, lubricant applications, additive technology and additive manufacturers into a sevice offering designed to maximize fuel economy and equipment protection.  Just ask us for a no cost evaluation of your fueling program and together we can illustrate and target REAL savings to your bottom line.

Fuel Integrity and Maintenance

More than ever before engines, no matter what their use, are not designed to run on poor quality fuel. Most manufacturers warn of using bad fuel and the dangers of using contaminated fuel in their engines. Your diesel engine is made to run on clean diesel fuel, not on a mixture of diesel, water, bacteria, and sludge. Save yourself the frustration of costly breakdowns caused by bad fuel, by establishing a regular fuel maintenance program, as recommended by leading manufacturers. The first step is contacting us for sampling of your diesel fuel. Let us show you what is in your fuel, firsthand.
Once the condition of the fuel has been established, a proper maintenance program can be designed and implemented. We will advise you and help you choose the type of plan that suits your requirements best.

Storage and Handling and Consolidation Audits

Just as keeping your fuel integrity maintained, lubricating oils perform optimally when they are clean and dry.  Storage and handling of these vital fluids is an often overlooked part of any preventative maintenance program.  We offer on-site audits to identify and remedy all potential contamination sources for you fluids.  Even the most minor changes can have radical and lasting impact to your equipment availability and longevity.

If you handle multiple lubricating oils chances are that you have redundant products.  Consolidating lubricating oils to the fewest correct fluids will:

  • Reduce misapplication of oils
  • Reduce inventory and space
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve safety