Sundance Fuels has distributed and marketed to the Houston area Metal Working Industry for over 28 years.  Our in house staff has over 37 years of industry experience.  Sundance Fuels capitalizes on our technical experience to analyze each individual machining operation and develops product recommendations designed to provide optimum performance to the particular needs of the machine and the customer.  Our service does not stop there.  Sundance Fuels is recognized as providing extra service by continued contact with the customer on the coolants performance and the maintaining of the increased quality of the finished products.

Supported Products

  • Neat Cutting Oils
  • Water Soluble Oils and Coolants
  • Semi-Sythetic Oils and Coolants
  • Synthetic Oils and Coolants

    Supported Operations

    Gun Drilling

    Our Suppliers

    Houghton International

    *Available only through Sundance Fuels