Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019
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Industrial Lubricants & Greases

Conventional Synthetic
Gear Oils Gear Oils
Turbine Oils Hydraulic Fluids
Hydraulic Oils Compressor Lubricants
High VI Hydraulic Oils Circulating Oils
Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils Premium Lithium Greases

Commercial and Heavy Duty Engine Oils and Greases

Conventional Synthetic
SAE HD Gear Oils SAE HD Gear Oils
HD Transmission Fluids HD Transmission Fluids
API 10,20,30,40 and 50w Multi-Viscosity API CJ-4 and earlier
Multi-Viscosity API CJ-4 and earlier Chassis, King Pin and Fifth Wheel Greases  

Food Grade Lubricants

Conventional Synthetic
Greases Greases
EP Gear Oils EP Gear Oils
Circulating Oils  
AW Hydraulic Oil  
Compressor Fluids