SUNDANCE FUELS provides the highest quality fuel management solutions for small businesses to large corporate fleets. Our primary focus is to lower your aggregate fuel cost through a high control, information intensive system of checks and balances.

The SUNDANCE FUELS difference is dependent upon our ability to help you establish and enforce a purchasing policy designed to limit abuse and inappropriate use of a corporate fuel purchasing card

The simple truth is that low control fuel programs can lead to an abuse rate as high as 15% of your total fuel consumption. This can increase your AGGREGATE FUEL COST by as much as 30 cents/gal.over the price paid at the pump.

Inefficient fueling systems can add another 20-40 cents/gal attributed to labor expense and lost productivity. Every minute an employee is on the clock increases your labor expense and effects your profit production. We can reduce these factors, saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year


SUNDANCE FUELS provides prospective customers with a complimentary AGGREGATE FUEL COST ANALYSIS which will help you understand what your existing fuel purchasing program is really costing you. Download the form, fill it out and fax it back to us at 281-353-4142 and we will reply with our savings analysis.

For some clients mobile on-site fueling may be an important component of our services. Mobile on-site fueling is where professionally trained fuel truck drivers will enter your facility as scheduled and systematically ensure each vehicle present is full of the appropriate fuel. Drivers returning to work in the morning are “ready to roll” without delay.

Companies that benefit from Fleet Fueling

  • Companies with truck fleets
  • Construction sites
  • Fleets parked overnight
  • Companies that must operate during emergencies
  • Companies with reefer units

How does Fleet Fueling benefit you?

  • eliminates fraud through systematic tracking
  • prevents cross contamination of fuels
  • eliminates taxes on reefer fuel
  • reduces downtime
  • increases productivity
  • no interruption during emergencies
  • reduces risk exposure
  • no on-site tanks
  • reduced insurance costs
  • complete fuel reports by vehicle in real time

Fleet Fueling Technology


Using the FireStream Symbology Fuel wizard technology allows fast and efficient fueling of your fleet.

After fueling is completed a detailed delivery ticket is printed showing the vehicle/tank descriptions along with the type and amount of fuel delivered.

Web access to reports

A FireStream web portal changes the way information flows to customers, partners and employees. With proper access codes, customers can view invoices, price quotes; EFT’s and order data online and in real time. Within your company, it unlocks information so it can flow to every employee who needs it. Web portals help you realize the promise of information anytime, anywhere, on any device.