General Fueling of employees

To take care of the bulk of the employee fuel needs during an emergency Sundance will gather all eligible employees’ addresses. Sundance will then create GASCARDs’ for all employees. These cards will work for both fixed and mobile fueling sites. These cards can be de-activated at any time the customer chooses. Sundance will assign primary and secondary fixed fueling sites for all employees. If there are enough employees to warrant a dedicated island will be created at that site. If all communication fails manual tickets will be used.

Mobile Fueling

Sundance can provide mobile fueling trucks that can dispense both gas and diesel simultaneously for 24 hours a day. Ask about an Emergency Fuel Contract and lock in your fuel needs for the next unforeseen emergency.

Wet-Hosing of key personnel

Sundance can provide on-site wet-hosing of key employees at the companies’ location. All vehicles that will be using this system will be bar-coded so that Sundance can provide detailed fueling reports by vehicle and gallons to the tenth. Sundance will provide weekly reports for billing.

Storage and Supply capabilities

We maintain 50,000 gallons of on-site fuel storage. We have contracted fuel across Texas so no matter where the emergency occurs we will always have  supply.