Monday, 20 Aug 2018

randyyearoutRandy Yearout, President/Owner

Randy joined Sundance in October 2007 as the new owner.  The acquisition of Sundance consummated a 6 year relationship with the business and the founder Ron Robb.  Randy served as the District Sales Manager for Petro-Canada America Lubricants and was responsible for establishing the supplier/distributor relationship which we enjoy today.  During these 6 years Randy had responsibility of growing the brand awareness and sales of Petro-Canada in the Houston market.  Teaming with Sundance proved to be an extremely good fit and both Petro-Canada and Sundance were rewarded with steady growth.

Randy is a self proclaimed "oil brat".  He was a third generation major oil company employee before joining Sundance.  He began his career in 1988 with Mobil Pipeline Company and prior to the acquisition of Sundance held various engineering, maintenance and sales jobs within Mobil, ExxonMobil and Petro-Canada.  Randy posses extensive knowledge in the manufacture, formulation, logistics and technical applications of all commercial and industrial lubricants and greases.  Randy earned his engineering degree from Texas Tech University in 1988.

johnalfordJohn Alford, Facilities Manager

John joined Sundance in January 2009.  He began selling to the Oil business in 1992 after years in the trucking industry. He started out working for a small family owned fuel distributor. While there he completed his HAZWOPR Safety training to the Incident Command level. He then moved to a large fuel & lubricants distributor where he specialized in the Marine and Power Generation segments. It was there that he started working with the Offshore oil sector at 2 fixed facilities in the Gulf Coast region. Since then he has expanded into the oil field drilling and production segments while maintaining his Marine sales. John has extensive training and awards from 3 of the major oil suppliers. He has recently moved to Houston and has direct responsibility in growing Sundance Fuels into the Marine, Environmental and Oil & Gas sectors.

Julie McMaster 100Julie McMaster, Sr. Account Manager

I have been fueling the world for over 20 years.  Developing partnerships as well as relationships is the most important part of my job.  Learning our customers' needs at Sundance Fuels is key in making sure that our customers are taken care of.  We look forward to doing business with you!

Richard Shepherd, Account Manager

Richard joined Sundance Fuels in September of 2000 as Account Manager.  He worked with an oil manufacturer/distributor in San Antonio for two years before coming to Sundance Fuels.  Richard has been at Sundance Fuels for 8 years,building relationships with customers and friends.  He has completed several lubrication schools and has attained Gold Level Certification with Petro-Canada America Lubricants.  Working at Sundance Fuels has been a welcome experience both in product learning and customer relationships. He looks forward to another 10 years of service to Sundance Fuels and to his customers.

Lindsay Clark, Area Manager

Becky Gressett, South Texas Operations

Matt Grieve, Controller

Zac Gunderman, Manager of Heavy Haul Operations

Amber Hairston, Credit Manger