Monday, 20 Aug 2018

In 2017 we are celebrating 34 years of serving the Houston metro area.  We have established ourselves as a premier provider of wholesale petroleum products and service and our 34 year history is a testament to our durability, flexibility and financial soundness.

Sundance Fuels was founded in 1983 by Ron Robb. In October of 2007 Mr. Randy Yearout purchased 100% and in June 2016 sold the company to WTG Fuels out of Midland Texas. Mr. Yearout remains as the General Manager and brings unique perspective to operating a petroleum wholesale distribution company. Randy brings 29 plus years of petroleum related experience to the company. Prior to the acquisition of Sundance he worked in various engineering, maintenance and sales functions within Mobil, ExxonMobil and Petro-Canada America. Randy has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of commercial and industrial lubricants and preventative/predictive maintenance. This experience offers unique insights into our customers that allow the company to implement true “value added” products and service to the Houston market place. Randy has been on the other side of the desk as well. Having spent over 10 years supporting distributors for major suppliers, Randy is able to leverage his unique relationships with suppliers and other distributors to provide virtually unequaled capabilities and solutions to all aspects of petroleum supply and distribution.

We are proud of our 34 year history and reputation. We work hard everyday to protect that legacy. It is our number 1 priority.

“You Can’t build a reputation of what you are GOING to do”

Henry Ford

Our commitment to straight forward, honest and accountable business practices compliments our unequalled customer service. We are a service company that just happens to sell petroleum products.

We maintain a consistent stock of bulk lubricants, anti-freeze and chemicals to meet the ever changing demands for our customers. Our facilities reflect our commitment to quality service.  Our tank farm and packaged goods warehouse are models of cleanliness, efficiency and simplicity.  Our FIFO (first in first out) warehouse system ensures products always meet the expectation of our customers and are never out of date. Our delivery fleet also reflects our commitment to quality and service.  Our attention to regularly scheduled and preventative maintenance ensures that our customers receive their orders on time and are delivered accurately using the latest and best maintained metering devices available.